Grand Opry Hotel

Have you ever been to a hotel that has a mystical fantasy like forest in the middle of it? I haven’t, or at least I haven’t slept at one but to start of the wonderful new year I had the opportunity to go visit the Grand Opry Hotel in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. It was absolutely exquisite with plants and decorations, shoot they practically have a small Venetian town in the middle of the hotel, complete with GONDOLA RIDES! That’s right they had a little river that went around and you could get a ride on a gondola. Keep in mind this is all INSIDE the hotel. Can you imagine what it would be like to spend a few nights there? Not that I could afford to do so but still it is definitely a ‘bucket list’ experience. They still had their Christmas lights decorations up so everything was lit up and absolutely festive. The only strange thing I noticed was that there were catholic monks, priests, and such absolutely everywhere! We couldn’t figure out if there was a play going on or if it was a Catholic convention, we didn’t have the heart to ask anyone.


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