It’s not often that I take photos of people. I’m more of a nature, outdoors, strange objects photographer. It’s not that I don’t like taking pictures of people, I just prefer taking candid shots rather than poses and most people are Camera-phobic so they don’t really like me doing that. But I recently went to our family ‘reunion’ (it’s so large we’ll never get the whole family) and as the photographer in the family I am expected of course to take pictures. So I did what I usually do, took some candid shots. Quick, “Hey Look!” shots without giving them time to stop and pose. Obviously there are some that are posed but sometimes you just have to and I have some nieces and nephews who pose as soon as they see the camera. I did do some photo-editing with these as well, again something I rarely do, but I felt like experimenting. I’m not putting as many pictures as usual. I find that less is often more. Majority of these pictures are of my nieces/nephews.

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I am a wife and a mother to a beautiful girl and 3 mischevious rescue cats. I want to share my experiences with anyone willing to listen...

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