Georgia Vacation Part 1: Aquarium

Hello World!!! 

It has been way too long since I have been on a vacation or traveled. So these next few weeks will be JAM PACKED with pictures. I am currently on a girls only vacation with my best friend. We are in Atlanta, Georgia and although weather calls for rain that’s not stopping us for going out and having fun, granted we can’t do some of out door exploring that we had hoped to go to, the botanical gardens, olympic park and so on but it is still going to be a very fun vacation. Today was mostly spent at the Georgia Aquarium so enjoy the colors of the wonderful fish and sea life critters.


Will you marry me?

While we were at the aquarium we happened to witness a pretty creative and original wedding proposal, these two were called up to the front as volunteers and had to answer questions asked by the scuba diver. Here’s the question.


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