Upcoming Roadtrip!!!

I just posted my mini models post and completely forgot to mention I have another road trip coming on the horizon. Beki (my best friend/cousin) and I will be spending a week in Washington D.C. We are making our way to visiting all 50 states sowly but surely and are focusing on the states closest to us to start off with. We will be visiting our country’s capital and will have plenty of time to see the monuments and our usual tradition the local zoo. Or in this case the national zoo. So exciting! I definitely need this vacation. Anyways I got a go pro hero. Not the latest model since I didn’t have that kind of cash but I want to start having a dash cam on these road trips. Here is a 15sec clip from TN. I like to put Lindsey Stirling songs as a background. All music belongs to her. (She’s awesome you should check her out.)

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