Think About What You Saw

Today was an extremely eventful day. I’m utterly exhausted but at the same time I am ready for tomorrow. I will admit we actually started our day a little later than we had planned today. We were so excited and nervous I think we had some trouble sleeping last night.


Never really a baseball cap kind of gal, I actually never wore them much but I think they’re growing on me I even bought one from here as a souvenir. Anyways, we definitely saw a lot today, had a breakfast of champions and started our day at the Metro.

IMG_8751I will say I was slightly terrified of getting on the subway for the first time. But it was shockingly simple and actually quite a fulfilling experience. I enjoyed the ride, a little surprised at my ear drums popping during the ride similar to when you’re on a plane.

After the subway ride we thought to take a perusal around the Smithsonian Museums. I will say we were,


especially on how long it would take to tour through the museums. We managed to get through the Castle and the Museum of Natural Science but those will be for another day. Tonight I will post something that I believe sticks to everyone who goes through it. And if it doesn’t stick to them then there is something seriously wrong. Because the only way to prevent the future from happening again is to remember our mistakes from the past.


Everyone has heard some sort of version of a Holocaust story. Either they read about it in school or heard it firsthand from people who lived during that time. For me I heard it from my grandmother who was alive at the time. She lived in Romania at the time and used to tell me about when the bombs would go off and she would go underneath the ‘shed’ and hold the roof up so it wouldn’t collapse on them. She worked for a Jewish family at one point and they disappeared overnight as if they were never there. If you could only visit ONE museum on your trip here I would say you should see this one.


And totally random note to hopefully end on a light, fluffy, feathery note.





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