Last but Definitely Not Least


Being a huge book worm you had best believe that I went to the Library of Congress. It was absolutely STUNNING to see the intricate detail and work that was put into the craftsmanship. A lot of the pictures on the wall and even the floor was made with tiny little tile pieces that probably took ages to place. The ceilings are also adorned in beautiful arrangements that I just couldn’t get enough of. We weren’t allowed in the reading room but they have an area above where you can get a view of the room.

My favorite part of the library was the Thomas Jefferson Library where they had it set up almost identical to the way he had it set up in a large spiral (his desk would have been in the middle) they also had the books marked with ribbons, the book with the green ribbons were books that were actually left over from Thomas Jefferson’s library and actually survived.

This is my last post of my trip to Washington D.C I am already drafting plans of my future trips but I haven’t decided what/when/where I want to go next. If you have any questions about the D.C area I am no expert that is for sure but I would be happy to share my experience.

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5 thoughts on “Last but Definitely Not Least

  1. Your pictures are incredible, thanks for this post. I used to email the library of congress all the time when I was an editorial assistant but I’ve never had the chance to peek inside.

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