Coffee Lovers Anonymous

Heart CoffeeAny coffee lovers out there?

What about coffee addicts?

Well, I’m not afraid to admit that I absolutely LOVE coffee. But because of all the caffeine I try not to drink too much of it. My hands shake enough as it is I don’t need caffeine to add to it. But I am such an oddball that Decaf just doesn’t sit right with me. I just don’t know. I mean I will drink decaf every once in a while but I just don’t like it as much as regular wonderful coffee.

I don’t know what it is about coffee that makes me like it so much. Sure there is different flavors and all but it is more than that. Some people like to drink hot cocoa, especially during the winter. When it starts to get cold out they call it Hot Cocoa weather. For me, it’s coffee, different seasons make me want different types of coffee.

You have the Peppermint lattes during the winter, cinnamon, or pumpkin spice in the fall, iced and frozen coffee during the summer. There’s always a time to have coffee.

But here’s the kicker right? You see I LOVE coffee… but I do NOT like Starbucks, in fact the only time I ever go to Starbucks is when I get a gift card or for my Free birthday drink. So where do I go?

It’s easy, I go to those little hole in the wall places that sometimes you don’t even know exist. You go to Starbucks and there is always someone new there, there’s really very little personalization there. But at my favorite coffee shop Crema Coffee, when I found it for the first time they were actually closing for the day, but when they saw me outside they opened the door and made me a drink anyways. And then because certain things going on and life getting in the way I didn’t have a chance to go there for almost an entire year. But get this, a year later I go back for the second time and the same person is there and they REMEMBER me. A YEAR LATER!!! How can you not like that kind of atmosphere? So I started going there as much as possible. When I had a horrible day at work I’d forfeit my lunch hour just to drive there get a drink and drive back. They say chocolate makes you happy, maybe coffee does the same. I go to coffee shops all the time and I am always looking for a new one to try out. If anyone knows of any great coffee shops please let me know, doesn’t matter what state it is in, I travel as much as I can anyways.

I also love the places that make the little designs in the coffee too. I want to apologize for the picture quality because it was taken with my phone but here’s some of the different coffee I have had this past year.


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