Thank You for Your Service

This post goes out to all the veterans out there, whether they’re passed, retired, reserved, or active. Until recently I’ve met a few veterans in passing, worked with a few here and there. But my new job, half of the class are vets. I love to sit there and listen to their stories, I learn a lot being the civilian than I am. I hold the veterans in high regards and respect them immensely not only for their services, bravery, and courage but I respect them for the common courtesy and respect that they have towards both their brothers and sisters in arms as well as the civilians they protect. I don’t pretend to understand or fathom what they have to go through for our country and sure there might be a few grouchy joes out there but they probably have a reason behind it.
I respect these brothers and sisters in arms that I work with because even with someone like me, who knows little to nothing about their way of life, they have the patience to explain it. They don’t brush you off as ignorant or say a sharp word. They’re polite. Courteous. And respectful despite your age, race, or gender. I know a few people now that could take a few lessons from these soldiers.


So to all of the soldiers.

To the sailors.

To the pilots.

To everyone who at some point in their life took that oath to serve and protect.

From the bottom of my heart I say thank you. And I pray for those of you still in active duty and/or deployed, let God keep you under His wings of protection and bring you home to your families.


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