Key West… Day 1

Key West is a much longer road trip than I anticipated. I mean, I knew it would be a long drive. But I guess it didn’t exactly click exactly HOW long it would be hahaha. The nice thing though, is that we wanted to take our time and enjoy the trip. So we made stops, took turns driving, and had fun with it. We took pictures next to signs, except for Georgia because I was driving and Josh was sleeping and it was the middle of the night. We also stopped to watch a movie (Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, HILARIOUS) so we just had a bunch of fun.

Once we finished the stopping and started driving straight we eventually hit the bridges that take you from Florida to the Keys. Not going to lie, opening the window sometimes smelled horrible; swamplands… not a pleasant stench. But the view? Was BEAUTIFUL! I mean yeah you have the ocean to your left and your right. But you also have the clouds and they looked amazing. I set up the GoPro as a dash cam to get some of the bridges and road for you.


And Finally in the end. We get to the cottage that will be our home for the next week. We will be spending most of our days here together. Relaxing, spending time together. Its absolutely fairytale. The entrance the sheer curtains on the porch, the quaint and yet perfect pool. Everything about this is beautiful and lovely. There’s even chickens and roosters randomly roaming across the streets. Shop owners put out bowls of water for them. They’re so cute. I apologize, these photos below were all taken with my phone so the quality’s not perfect.

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