I’m married. MARRIED!?


24 years I’ve waited to meet the man of my dreams. I didn’t realize he was next to me the entire time. But he did. For 3 years he waited for me to look at him (I mean really look at him, as a woman looks at a man). He waited, for 3 years. He talked to me, allowed me to open up to him, express my fears, my dreams, my desires, and he never said a word. I guess it was only natural of me to fall for him. To fall so deeply in love with him.

He stole my heart.

So I stole his name.

*** Photographs were taken by  my nephew with JMS Photography  they’re just a few of the 3,000 photos taken***

Stay tuned…. Because after the wedding comes the honeymoon. And I will try to post a day-to-day photograph update of our adventures in Key West.

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I am a wife and a mother to a beautiful girl and 3 mischevious rescue cats. I want to share my experiences with anyone willing to listen...

7 thoughts on “Married

  1. Deby,

    CONGRATULATIONS! I had a true memory test trying to recollect your website and/or visiting when I got new of your BIG DAY! I am so happy for you. I will get caught up on all your happy days :-) But, the wedding pictures look perfect!

    ~ Sudha

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