Key West… Day 4

I’m sad to say, today was our last full day on the island. :( We had a lot of fun here, despite Josh having his cold. And I’m sure we will return to spend more time here and actually see the sights haha. We stopped by the Southernmost point but the lines were so long we didn’t grab a picture. It’s truly a beautiful place, worth the drive and time. It was a choice we will never regret making and was perfect. We didn’t stop by many of the different sights you can take in while here but we did go to the butterfly observatory today. I always enjoy these types of places and I have to admit this was one of the best ones I have ever been too. We took a lot of selfies this time around mainly to get some pictures of the both of us. Many of these pictures are with the GoPro because I do not have a wide angle lens that will capture our surrounding area as well. But I’m not disappointed with the results.

Oh yeah. Since it is our last full day here we decided to be dorks and wear.


Hubby & Wifey T-shirts!

We are a goofy couple and we own up to it. And as you can see the back have our #CiuiEverAfter hashtag (pictures on Instagram from Wedding and beyond)

For the rest of the day it was a mixture of things. Walking around. Lounging by the pool (for Josh) or swimming in the pool (for me). I can honestly say I’m going to miss this place. But alas we must return to real life soon and this chapter must end so that the real adventure can begin. I’ll keep you posted world.

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