Who Am I?


The truth is even I don’t know a lot about myself. I’m learning new stuff about me every day.

I take pictures because I don’t like to be in front of the camera. I prefer to show others what I see and some times I feel like I see better through a camera than through my own eyes. It’s as if the camera lens is a filter to showing me the world. I don’t take mind blowing pictures and I will not claim to be a professional photographer, I am just a girl who picked up her first camera in 2010 and fell in love with she saw.

I am a photographer. 

I struggled during school and had a tough time making friends. But I had a teacher who taught me more than just textbook material. Taught me that just having someone listen to 4you often helps you solve your own issues, a lesson I took with me as I moved through my career. I work with computers, fix them, build them, take them apart… you name it.

I am a nerd.

I’m sure as you’re reading this you’re finding a large number of spelling and grammatical errors. I read over my posts, honestly, I do. But grammar has never been my strong suit. I know the world 1is full of grammar nazis and many people don’t like them but I don’t mind, they help me develop even more. My imagination has always been a huge part of my life. I longed for adventure as a kid and thought of any way I could get it. Now I try to put those adventures into words. And I write. And I type. And I have boat-loads of errors. But that doesn’t stop me. Because one day I will get that adventure out for others to read and go on the adventure themselves… one day.

I am a writer. 

I am a 26-year-old woman. I’m young and have a lot of life experience to gain. I am overly optimistic and have high hopes for my future. You know, I was told that every five or so years your taste buds change. I’m no scientist but it makes sense. I like new foods that I used to never eat. Well, life’s kind of like that too. You meet and like new people. You develop new goals and ambitions. You have new dreams for your future.

I’m sure everyone has dreams for their future. They probably have dreams that they never admitted or told anyone before. Many have probably forgotten these dreams, or worse, gave up on them. I have dreams. I have lots of dreams, and I look forward to where these dreams take me.

I am a dreamer. 

PSX_20181104_151744Like all of you, I’m a lot of things. I’m a friend, a wife, a sister, and my favorite new title title, a mom. My daughter is my inspiration, my hero, my muse. Her journey into this world was a rough one that put the strains on both me and my husband but brought us out stronger for it. I never pictured myself having a daughter, but she’s my princess. You can read her story here.

I am a mother.

If you’ve read all the way down to here then thank you. I hope you’ve learned a little bit about me and maybe even a little bit about you. I started this blog so long ago to try and show people the world through my eyes, I hope I was able to convey this to you. I hope you continue to follow my humble little blog and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Because in the end all I can tell you about myself is this.

I. Am. Me.

I won’t change. I’ll still be me. My dreams and ambitions might change. My taste buds will change but in the end, I will still be myself. And this will always be Life in the Eyes of Me.


Stands for Life In The Eyes of Me which is quite a mouthful, a friend of mine pointed out the acronym to shorten it and I fell in love with the name, as with him.

2 thoughts on “About LITEOM

    1. Hi Clarke, thank you so much I love hearing from people who look at my website. That friend of mine is a classic boy next door story, started off as best friends now we are boyfriend/girlfriend…. Who knows what the future holds for us.

      Thanks again!

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