Leaving Key West

Honestly, we have been back home since Saturday. But I’ve been putting off writing this entry because, well it makes me a little sad. It was so blissful and peaceful while we were there. Not a care. No stress. No work. Just me and my husband. It’s still me and my husband but we are back at work. Back to reality. But like many things, there is a silver lining to being back. A sort of ‘look at the bright side’ moment. Now that we are married and together. It seems as if the day-to-day stress we used to have isn’t so bad. Because now we go home to each other. We also get more sleep since we go to sleep together/earlier because we aren’t talking to each other on the phone into the wee hours of the night, ha ha.

But there are other benefits to us finally being home and together. Now we get to plan future adventures together. It’s quite exciting.

So in a last adieu to Key West(one day we might go back) here are a few pictures we snapped on the road home. We stopped by a couple of parks on the way home and sometimes just pulled over.

Boats in a Line

In all the chaos of planning for a wedding, trying to please everyone, and getting everything else done, sometimes a moment of silence is needed. A moment where one can walk along a sandy beach, ignoring the sounds of the volleyball game going on not too far away, and just take a few deep breaths. I had such a moment this past weekend. After going to the park to celebrate a future relatives birthday I took a few moments to step away from the hubbub and have a few minutes of peace to myself. I don’t know what it is about boats in a straight line on the sandy shore, but it was very peaceful and relaxing seeing them. And when the sun was setting and the gold reflected off the minuscule ripples, it was inexplicably satisfying.


Elizabethan Gardens and the Beach

This Saturday was an interesting adventure.


It was a beautiful day out so we wanted to go to the aquarium. Well, half-way towards the the aquarium we realized how ill-prepared we were. Our phones were both dying (aka GPS was becoming unavailable). It took 3 hours to get to this aquarium only to discover that…

Aquarium is closed for renovations. 

So theIMG_0864re we were, stranded in the Outerbanks with no phones, no aquarium. Only ourselves and my camera. So we explored. We found the Elizabethan Gardens near the Lost Colony theater (no shows were playing but the gardens were still open) the scenery was beautiful and we got a good walk out of it. It was interesting.

$50 later…

We had to stop at an auto-zone to buy car chargers for our phones. We had dinner on a water-front restaurant and walked on Jennettes Pier all the way to the very end. It was very windy but I loved it. I’ve always loved the ocean. Some people find it slightly depressing. No idea why. But I loved it. I could sit there and listen to the sound of those waves forever. But alas we couldn’t stay there forever. We had a wonderful adventure and lots of great memories. But in the end here is what happens when a girl and a guy have nothing but a camera and a remote.

We are dorks.

Where are you Spring Time…

Where are you spring time. Why can’t I find you. Why have you gone away……

Seriously now. It’s supposed to be spring time. Why is this weather so dang on fickle. One day its 70 degrees the next its 40 degrees. Someone tell the weathermen something needs to change.

I miss the ocean. :'(