Leaving Key West

Honestly, we have been back home since Saturday. But I’ve been putting off writing this entry because, well it makes me a little sad. It was so blissful and peaceful while we were there. Not a care. No stress. No work. Just me and my husband. It’s still me and my husband but we are back at work. Back to reality. But like many things, there is a silver lining to being back. A sort of ‘look at the bright side’ moment. Now that we are married and together. It seems as if the day-to-day stress we used to have isn’t so bad. Because now we go home to each other. We also get more sleep since we go to sleep together/earlier because we aren’t talking to each other on the phone into the wee hours of the night, ha ha.

But there are other benefits to us finally being home and together. Now we get to plan future adventures together. It’s quite exciting.

So in a last adieu to Key West(one day we might go back) here are a few pictures we snapped on the road home. We stopped by a couple of parks on the way home and sometimes just pulled over.

Key West… Day 3

Today was another moderately late day. Mainly because it was actually storming pretty bad here this morning. But all is well we were still able to investigate a little bit. I do feel terrible that my poor husband seems to have caught a cold so he isn’t getting to enjoy himself to the fullest. :( But we are still enjoying our adventure because it’s just the two of us together, and that’s what it’s all about. Me and him together. Forever.

IMG_4507_editedWe adventured around the streets, there’s so many colors every, just off the sidewalk honestly. It was pretty cool and I event decided to try the “local hydration” (those of you who’ve been here I do NOT mean beer…) I actually mean Coconut Water, straight from the source.

You don’t even have to travel very far to see something interesting or pretty. I love the bikes that were occasionally seen. Covered in flowers, locks, keychains and what not. They’re beautiful. There are a bunch of shops and stores that have really beautiful items for sale. Artwork, photographs, pottery, souvenirs. It’s and array of items for sale for anyone who wants them. We grabbed a few items here and there but for the most part we are trying to wait until tomorrow or Friday to do all of our Souvenir shopping.

After breakfast we came back to the cottage to chill a little, Josh wasn’t feeling great so we relaxed, and I took to the pool. I love this pool. I wish I could have a small private pool like this. It’s absolutely adorable and just perfect. I took the GoPro swimming too so we could get some interesting underwater shots too. HA HA I am in no way a pro GoPro photographer or some extreme underwater shots or anything. I just like to have fun.

And once the pool was done we had dinner. It’s been a seafood kind of week, probably since we are on the coast. But today was more of a gastropub, fish and chips kind of place.


Grilled fish.

Pulled pork.


It was a good place. Doesn’t look like much from the outside but the food was on par. After our filling and yet not too filling dinner we were back on the streets. Just walking around again. We checked hours on some of the places, like the butterfly house, and a few other places and just wandered around. Went to the beach again, watched the gulls. With travelling most would probably make a list of all the places they want to go and see. I do that too, I did it with the D.C trip too. But this trip is for Josh and I. It’s our honeymoon. And truthfully for us all that matters is being together. I know there’s a lot of things that maybe we aren’t doing that we should be. But this is our time to relax and enjoy our time together. We will have all of our lives to do what we want to do together… maybe when we don’t have colds. So if we want to walk around, enjoy the sights of the streets, stop at used bookstores (which are RIDICULOUSLY expensive) and buy 1 book. Then we are going to do what we want to do.

Key West… Day 2

Not going to lie we had a late start on Day 2. We were both so exhausted from driving we didn’t wake up until 12… and then we didn’t actually get ready and leave the comfort of the cottage until 3PM. Luckily there’s a Denny’s just a stones throw away that serves breakfast 24/7. But then when we did finally leave the cottage we took to the streets….

And played Pokemon Go.


^^^ The evidence. I told him he would look back on these pictures and be like oh, when did we see that thing? And I’d respond with, you were too busy catching a Cloyster.

But in truth we really did go out to kind of explore our surrounding areas. We walked down to the beach, because it’s in walking distance. We had dinner ON the beach, which was pretty awesome. Not cheap. But definitely awesome, I had Lobster Tail for the first time. We kind of just walked around.

Miscellaneous Photos, Miscellaneous Photographer

I never claim to be a professional photographer. By far I am nowhere compared to one. I’m amateurish at best. But I am a photographer:


Def: A person who takes photos.

I love to take photos and use whatever camera I have on hand. Be it my phone or my Canon. As a ‘person who takes photos,’ I’ve accumulated a lot of miscellaneous photos, brief glimpses into my life and many times these photos can get missed. Overlooked. Some photographers might view these pictures as flawed, not post worthy, low quality. But I like them, flaws and all. These are all random but all recently taken (within the last week).