I’ve been missing in action. I know.

I also know no one really reads these anyways so its not like anyone missed me.

I had lots of travel plans for this year. They’ve kind of dwindled now. Too busy being an adult and all that. I will be going to California in June/July so that will be fun, I’ve never been so I am looking forward to the adventure.

This year has been busy. Getting used to being married. Getting used to owning, and maintaining, a house. Its taken some time to wrap my head around everything and get used to how different everything is. Different worries and different plans. I’m working on getting back to some of my old hobbies. Photography, drawing, reading. I wish I had more people who’d like to have their picture taken though. My nieces and nephews would make perfect models but they all live in different states. Everyone local to me is camera shy. Insert dramatic sigh here…

But I make do. Cats make decent models too. Even if they are stubborn.

The Faces of Prince

Hello World!

And before I start I bid everyone…

Happy New Year!

My 2015 was a wonderful year.

2015 Events I Am Thankful For:

  1. Turned 23
  2. Got a new nephew
  3. Started talking to the man of my dreams
  4. Niece and Nephew got baptized
  5. Moved into my own place
  6. Got an awesome new job
  7. GOT ENGAGED! (To the same man of my dreams from #3)

That’s what this post is about. I may or may not be pretty busy with wedding plans and so photo events might be fewer in between but who knows I always like to take my camera places.

But i digress…

This post is a spin-off of my last post I Said Yes. If you recall in my last post I spoke of the new kitten that came with the ring. It took us a few tries before we decided on the official name for the little guy. We decided to name him Prince, kind of a cliche name but considering the face that he came with an adorable engagement ring and the man who gave me him and the ring has the tendency to treat me like a princess (something I don’t think I will ever get used to) he just seemed like a prince sort of kitty. He’s also a spoiled brat so I figured it works for him.

So here are some of the faces of my little Prince.

My Little Model

I was recently in Tennessee for the New Years. You may have seen my Grand Opry post but I was also there to visit family. I don’t think my niece was aware that I was snapping these pictures but she was so cute I can’t not share. My sister has 3 cats and 7 kids, she has horses and dogs and ducks and a donkey and a whole bunch of other critters as well. You’ll only see two of the cats and one of her daughters here.