Hello 2017

The new year has gotten off to a VERY BUSY start. Work and life have been preventing me from doing a lot. There has just been so much to do. But I’m starting to get that balance back. Have started drawing more and reading again. Still taking pictures even though I don’t have quite as much time as I hoped I would.

I’m working on starting my photography business. I’d like to start using this to make some additional income on the side. I’m building my profile up currently but I’ll get that started soon. I think everyone should work towards their dreams and goals.


Is definitely going to be a great year. After all, I have my wonderful husband to spend it with. And one thing we’ve decided this year is to get out and have fun. For my birthday we went to visit West Virginia, somewhere neither of us has visited. It was definitely a lot of fun, a nice little getaway.

We have another trip planned in two weeks for Joshua’s birthday. Another weekend trip up in the mountains. Should prove promising for some great pictures. Not going to say where we are going, though. You will have to wait until my next post. Sorry being away for so long. I promise I will try my hardest to post more pictures and more often.


The Smokies

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone! I just got back home from the mountains. The good ol’ Smokies. I have been to these mountains in Tennessee but never had a chance to go through and take pictures of the scenic route. It’s been a long day today. A lot of driving.

7… the number of hours I was in a car.

340… number of miles from my apartment to Knoxville,


43… the total number of SEMI trucks I had to pass before getting home. I don’t like semi-trucks. They are road hogs that take up the entire high-way. But I am home now. All’s well. And I’m exhausted.


Enjoy the pictures.